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East Sussex Carers Card

The East Sussex Carers Card does three things:

  • Identifies you as a carer, and that someone depends on you in an emergency.
    • the East Sussex Carers Card is designed to be carried in your purse or wallet, so that in an emergency, if you were to have an accident yourself, or were suddenly taken ill, anyone helping you is made aware that someone depends on you, should you ever be unable to communicate this yourself.
  • The option to connect to a back-up respite plan.
    • If you wish you can set up a CRESS (Carers Respite Emergency Support Service) plan with East Sussex County Council. This includes contact details for up to three people who could provide short-term support for the person you care for in an emergency.
  • A discount card, giving carers savings at businesses across East Sussex.
    • Including getting hospital parking for £1.70 at Conquest Hospital and EDGH.