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Patient group

We have an active patient participation group at our practice.

Our patient group has been established since 2004. The group has been revitalised recently with new members joining us and regular meetings being held every six weeks.

We run the annual patient survey and we’ve also carried out a campaign to highlight the need for patients to take up invitations for cancer screening.

The patient profile at Carisbrooke Surgery is diverse, with groups of patients from all walks of life. St Leonards is a multicultural area and hopefully our Patient Group will grow to reflect this. At present we look after around 8500 patients.

Our patient group consists of 12 members at the moment. Some of them have offered their services having seen our posters, and others have joined after the doctors have mentioned the group to them.

The meetings, which are chaired by one of our patients, are attended by the Practice Manager or her deputy.

If you would like to let us have your views on the surgery or become a member of our Virtual Patient User Group by email, just email us at or you can complete our online form below. You can make any observations you have and we will discuss what you have said at the next Patient Group meeting and feed back to you. In this way, we hope to reach patients who are unable to attend meetings – so please join us.


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We welcome enquiries from patients who would like to join our patient group.

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Date published: 9th September, 2023
Date last updated: 7th March, 2024